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Ken Vincunas

Ken has been building the family business since 1988, gaining experience in all aspects of real estate.

He has worked in all areas of the company as it has grown, including bookkeeping, marketing, leasing, space design, construction, financing, development, and more. With over 32 years of experience in the industry, Ken knows virtually every commercial property in the region, as well as the towns, brokers, mayors, development agencies, builders, and bankers. Ken is responsible for business development, strategy, financial analysis, leasing/sales and IT.

Ken came to Development Associates after working for Andersen Consulting and IBM. He holds a BSEE in Engineering from Tufts University and MBA from Cornell University. He resides in Enfield, CT and enjoys travel, golf, and keeping honey bees.

Eileen is a partner in Development Associates. Prior to becoming a partner, Eileen was in private practice as an attorney in Holyoke, MA specializing in Real Estate. She was a Professor in the Criminal Justice Program at Holyoke Community College for 9 years. In addition, Eileen served as a Fire Commissioner for the City of Holyoke for 13 years and became the first female chair of the Commission.

Eileen is a 27-year member of the Holyoke Rotary Club, serving as its President from 2003-2004. She serves on the Board of Our Lady of the Elms College, Valley Health Systems, the Holyoke VNA and Hospice Lifecare, and served as a former City Councilor in Holyoke.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing golf, although pretty badly, traveling, the beach and spending time with her family, including her husband, their 2 dogs, 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

Travis Ward

Travis joined Development Associates in 2008 after 18+ years of experience in all forms of property management with Samuel D. Plotkin & Associates and Lessard Property Management.

Travis’ responsibilities at our company are wide-ranging. He works with lease prospects through the entire leasing process from the showing of space, to development of renovation specifications, creation of architectural drawings for the space, estimating of construction costs, bidding and securing sub-contractors, overseeing construction work and associated payments, requisitions to lenders, selection of finishes with tenants and obtaining the certificate of occupancy.

After a tenant has moved in, Travis participates in delivering excellent customer service to ensure their satisfaction. Travis also manages the property maintenance contractors, insurance, as well as the numerous scheduled inspections, and the unexpected issues.

Travis enjoys his lake house on Otis Reservoir, in Otis, MA entertaining friends, working in the outdoors and spending time with family. Travis is married to Nicole and they have raised four boys together over the last 23 years in Feeding Hills, MA.

Penny has been with Development Associates since 2008 and is the steady glue that holds together the finances of Development Associates and all of our managed affiliated companies.

She is responsible for scheduling, preparing and processing the large [and ever-growing] number of incoming and outgoing checks related to our company and our managed properties. In addition, during our frequent renovation and construction projects, Penny tracks the contracts, vendors, invoices and payments including requisitions for loan advances from our lenders. She keeps our numerous checkbooks precisely balanced and works closely with our accountant on tax and payroll matters. Any time a tenant, vendor, customer, partner, or employee has a question about the finances, Penny can answer it.

Her favorite part of her job is the opportunity to work independently, with the trust of the company owners and the other employees. She enjoys working in our positive workplace with people that care about their company and doing a quality job .

Penny is originally from Westfield where her family still lives. She now resides in Hazardville, CT. She enjoys hiking, walking, gardening and kayaking and spending time with her family. Anytime the weather permits you will find her outside. She has an abundance of plants that she surrounds herself with both in the office as well as home.

Joey Swain

Joey, with 7 years of experience at Development Associates, wears many hats.

Joey manages all of the various marketing channels to advertise our properties, including our own website, several online listing sites and all printed materials. Joey also works with our vendors on construction bids, plans, plus work orders related to buildouts, maintenance and repairs. At the same time, Joey handles tenant relations/communications and keeps track of dates and terms of well over 100 active leases. In short, Joey enthusiastically does pretty much anything needed by the company, our partners, and our tenants.

Originally from Westfield, Joey now resides in Springfield with her daughter, Carly and their dog, Dudley. She enjoys spending time with family, walking the park, laughing and just enjoying life, in general.

Kim Morrissette

Kim is the company’s Administrative Assistant and the first person visitors see and callers hear when contacting our office.

Kim came to Development Associates with experience in residential property management and at our company she assists all departments as well as our own property owners. Kim is the one who manages the considerable amount of incoming and outgoing daily correspondence as well as keeping record of all certificates of insurance and W-9s needed from vendors and tenants. Kim maintains a number of detailed filing systems for the correspondence, bills, leases and plans as well as project and legal files both hard copy and digital. Kim keeps the company running smoothly by keeping the systems, components, and supplies of the office, highly organized and efficient.

Kim resides in Chicopee MA with her husband, children and pets. On her time off, she enjoys traveling, photography and including her family in adventures to remember.