“The space we were in was not suitable, it was an open format… no individual offices. Having just gone through covid, we realized one of our goals was to make it safer for everyone to work together.

We felt like we were treated like first class customers at a high-end hotel, When dealing with Travis & Mark it felt like we were a guest, they asked what our needs were and they found ways to meet those needs. We felt like we were welcomed, we felt we were listened to as far as our needs and our needs were addressed.

Search criteria was to find a landlord that would accommodate our needs and a landlord who had plenty of options to be able to accommodate our needs. In my mind it’s the place to go if they have the space you’re looking for. If you want professional space in greenfield, this is the place to be. It’s easy to find for clients, everything is well maintained, and the whole place gets cleaned every night.

I just love that we have a reception desk and that kind of security where people aren’t wondering the halls. I feel like I am in good company, and if I were to recommend someone to DA, I would want them to know that they are in good company.